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The story begins in 1946, when Bruno Zucchiatti began his entrepreneurial activities. Before the date of the founding entrepreneurial expertise allow it to operate in electrical engineering, by performing repairs of electric motors, pumps and transformers. The Zucchiatti quickly becomes a point of reference for the Province of Pordenone and later in neighboring regions distinguished for their professionalism and dedication, earning various awards.


Among its customers include already classic brands such as Zanussi, Savio, Casagrande, Danieli, just to name a few.


The activity is enlarged over the years, expanding its activities in the field of transformers for railway use, for electrical distribution equipment, components for electric gates, isolation transformers for photovoltaic systems.


The turning point came in 1998, when Zucchiatti began working with Fincantieri for the naval sector. From an almost muted start, within a few years the company became an established partner for the supply of transformers for marine use, units of both passenger and military.


Today, the experience of ZUCCHIATTI, now in its third generation of entrepreneur, is well known  on board ship for the major ship owners such as MSC, Costa, HAL, VIKING, VISENTINI, MARIOTTI and many others.


The new challenges of Zucchiatti are now targeting foreign markets, where long ago the company started to move to consolidate its position.


At the same tine  ZUCCHIATTI has started to diversify its markets, entering the Oil & Gas, Steel, conditioning, Alternative energy, Industrial and electrical panels.





Zucchiatti Bruno Elettromeccanica
via Sampariva, 4 - Budoia - 33070 (PN)
Tel +39 0434 573335 - Fax +39 0434 511755